Hey everyone! My name is Ali Nabavizadeh and I’m a postdoctoral scholar in Organismal Biology and Anatomy at the University of Chicago teaching medical gross anatomy at the Pritzker School of Medicine. I received my PhD in Functional Anatomy and Evolution at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in 2014.

I am interested in all things integrating comparative vertebrate anatomy, biomechanics, paleontology, and scientific illustration. Although my dissertation investigated the biomechanics of jaws in ornithischian dinosaurs, my interests have broadened widely to dissection and anatomical / biomechanical investigation of everything from large living mammals, like rhinos and elephants, to small birds and reptiles. I am also interested in reconstructing musculoskeletal anatomy in extinct relatives of these taxa based on similar osteological correlates. I do this with the help of training I acquired through taking courses with the Art as Applied to Medicine Department at Johns Hopkins, which greatly helped me hone my artistic capabilities and integrate it into my research.

The purpose of this blog is to follow my growing path as a comparative and human anatomist, in both research (dissection and biomechanics) and education, and to emphasize the importance of scientific and medical illustration into anatomical and biomechanical research and education. Along the way, I hope to invite many of my colleagues to join me in contributing to this blog as well, whether they be anatomists, paleontologists, zoologists, or scientific / medical illustrators alike!

I hope you enjoy my blog!


~ Ali

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